The Sitzler Way

Sitzler’s operations have expanded considerably across Northern Australia, South Australia and Western Australia over the past 30 years to service the needs of our clients.

We have strategically resourced our offices to comprise of long term industry professionals who possess the technical capabilities to undertake unique and multifaceted projects. Our professionalism and passion for design, construction and project management is what keeps our clients coming back.

At the forefront of our business model is how we strategically target our clients and projects to ensure we are a low risk delivery partner on each and every occasion. We never over extend ourselves or take on projects which are outside our immediate capability and capacity.

From the early planning stages of a project, including feasibility analysis through to the collaborative management of the project, Sitzler can provide a comprehensive suite of services based on strong capability and scalability of delivery of all project types.

Sitzler can offer the following experience and capabilities;

Working With Sitzler

At Sitzler we offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services.
We can assist our clients in the early planning stages of a project including feasibility analysis through to joint venture management and lifecycle costing.

Design and Construct

Feasibility studies

Cost planning


Managing Contractor engagements

Value management

Project and construction management

Joint venture

Cost control


Cost/benefit analysis

Lifecycle costing

We are committed

We are a business comprising long-term professionals working in local and remote locations, who succeed in working together. We engage in constructive discussions, learn from mistakes by sharing insights, support and acknowledge one another, and embrace collectively as a unified company.

We deliver

We ‘do what we say’. When we commit to doing something for our clients, we deliver it each and every time professionally, safely and to the highest quality. Our drive to deliver on our commitments enables us to continually exceed expectations set by our clients.

We acknowledge

We instil pride and courage in everything we do. We are committed to achieving the best outcomes for all by: walking the talk, acting with purpose and determination, and encouraging more success by celebrating it when it is achieved.

We are innovative

We make it our job to provide innovative solutions to problems and our clients’ priorities by fostering a creative environment and encouraging our team to enquire and challenge the status quo, and not to accept simply what is given.

We Inform

We are transparent in our client dealings, informing and collaborating with them in a professional, consistent open manner that builds long-term trust, and provides certainty in our delivery. We are proactive and never combative.

We act with candour

We are open and honest. We speak up with facts and no hidden agendas. We are honest in how we do business with everyone, we listen and don’t dismiss any points of view. We are responsible and accountable.

Indigenous Engagement and Employment at all Levels

Sitzler have a long and successful history of providing stable employment, training and business opportunities at all levels to Indigenous Australians throughout our operations.

With a workforce of over 100 employees, 10% are Indigenous and growing this number is a key focus of the business.

The Sitzler Indigenous Employment Strategy is a living document and is updated regularly to incorporate learning as well as allowing for an increase in indigenous employment as our project base expands and diversifies to allow for a wider range of positions to be fulfilled in the long term.

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