Our People

Working with Sitzler

Our people are the greatest contributors to our success.
The Sitzler leadership team have been collectively working together for over 10 years. They are responsible for driving a culture of ongoing innovation in our approach to managing design, delivery and project completion whilst remaining focused on providing value for money for our clients.

Our Key Personnel

Steve Margetic


Steve was appointed Managing Director of Sitzler in 1988. Under Steve’s leadership Sitzler has transitioned from a respected local Northern Territory company, to a trusted national construction specialist. Steve has driven a program of cultural and technical change within the company to create a high level of trust and respect in Sitzler’s approach to managing design, delivery and project completion.
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Michael was appointed Director of Sitzler in 1991. He brings significant directorship experience to the company and has a strong focus on property management and development, environmental management, and commercial and retail management. Michael has led the strategy for the sustainable growth of Sitzler's construction interests.

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