Sitzler's eNews

November 2023

Katherine Worker’s Accommodation

Sitzler is proposing to build a 256-person worker’s camp at 50 (Lot 3164) Lansdowne Road, Katherine, to meet local industry needs. Modern, secure and suitable worker accommodation is expected by the workers that Katherine requires to develop the Katherine township and region.

The facility is designed to offer fit-for-purpose accommodation to support work at RAAF Base Tindal and construction workers in Katherine. Sitzler owns the property, which is ideally located out of town and close to RAAF Base Tindal in an Agricultural Zoned area of Lansdowne. Many other businesses operate out of Lansdowne Road including other accommodation facilities.

We know that seasonal worker accommodation is in high demand with only a limited current supply available. Accommodation will be provided based on demand across the construction, defence and agriculture industries.

This facility will provide suitable accommodation for a temporary workforce without impacting Katherine’s local housing and short-term accommodation stock.

Community engagement

As part of the Exceptional Development Permit (EDP), we would like to hear from the community in more detail about the current proposal. The community’s feedback is crucial in shaping the final proposal and ensuring the project reflects the needs of the Katherine community. Sitzler has engaged independent consultants True North Strategic Communication to lead this process.

Community consultation will run from 20 October to 17 November 2023.


To provide feedback or find out more, please contact:
Alex Mackay, True North Strategic Communication
(08) 8981 6445